The reasons why I love Linux over Windows

Feb 4 2018

It's been roughly six months since I have been using this amazing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS OS and it has been a never ever ending love story. I like windows but Ubuntu beats it fair and square in various departments. Its incredibly safe, secure and this thing called 'Terminal' is a beauty. I work in Pediatrics department in my university as graduate research assistant where I work most of my time on the Linux VM and I love to use Terminal a lot. Windows command prompt offers way less features when compared to Terminal. If I need to connect to that Linux VM, I use putty on windows. But with terminal on my Ubuntu, the connection can be made hassle free. This is one of many reasons why I prefer Linux OS over Windows anyday. Also installing various apps from Terminal with ease is another thing I love about Ubuntu. The reason might sound silly, even the font in Ubuntu is cooler than the fonts on Windows.